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My name is Jill. I have had many jobs careers whatevers. Whatever I’m doing though, I’m always making something. I love beautiful things in beautiful colors and textures. I have 2 rabbits: Winston and Chloe who provide me with luscious fibers that I use to spin into delicious yarns. I also spin alpaca, llama, and plain old sheep’s wool. I knit with these yarns. I quilt. I am currently designing fabric prints. I travel with husband and dog in a vintage Airstream trailer. I formerly wrote a column for Airstream Life magazine, and have written other articles for other publications sporadically.  I really should write more.

I don’t like to talk on the phone and I don’t like malls. (So I guess that rules me out as being a teenager.) I communicate best in emails and letters. I like to cook and have a website devoted to the busy family cook: EasyPeas Forum. I like driving and being outdoors, reading, writing, riding a bike, swimming in lakes, and just putzing around outside. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel you should know that if I see you fall down I will laugh at you, and sometimes I pee in the pool.   Oh yeah, I also teach high school, providing me with hours and hours of hilarious stories and incidents to recant.

Want to Buy Something I’ve Made? Click here for my Etsy store.

LinkedIn? My Profile

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Want to know more? Sheesh, what else is there? JK, feel free to contact me.

or just email me at smithmott @ austin . rr . com

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