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Rainbow Cupcakes for a Bake Sale

July 4, 2011

Somewhere on the web I had seen a recipe idea for rainbow cupcakes – vivid colors with cloud like frosting that were just the bees knees.  It stuck in my brain, hanging out there, waiting to be sprung like an old west prisoner from jail.  And then it happened, one of the clubs at our school was going to have a bake sale.  And here came the cupcakes.

The “recipe” is this: buy two boxes of a white cake mix, have good food coloring around, bake and top with store-bought white icing.  Easy enough.


I prepared the mixes in two batches and then divided all of the batter amongst 7 smaller bowls.  I added a bit of gel food coloring to each.  If the colors were not bright enough, I added a bit more.

Stir. Stir. Stir. Stir.  Good.  Look how pretty.

Put paper cups in muffin tins or not.  I chose not to since I thought all the pretty colors would sell batter if people could see them.  Layer in the cupcake batter.  Your personality-type will determine whether you do it neatly in complete layers or haphazardly with layers that merge in on each other.  Guess which I am.


Bake according to directions.  Let cool completely.  I froze mine at this point so I could have an extra day.

The night before the bake sale, I took rainbow bright cupcakes out of the freezer and popped them into the small, clear, plastic cups that are used for punch at cheap weddings and proms.

On other websites, the frosting is all pretty mounded up on top of the cupcakes like cumulonimbus clouds.  I dollopped mine on in a hurry, so they looked more like cirrus, or maybe stratus.  Either way they were a big hit, and fun to make because the payoff is huge for the effort.


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