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Easter Gifts Galore

April 1, 2008

I spent most of Spring Break making Easter presents for my nieces and nephews, and boy there’s a lot of them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to mail them in time, so they are kind of “Surprise! After Easter presents!”

This is for Logan. It’s a little stuffed chair. A place to set your phone or iPod while it’s charging. Or put it on your nightstand so you can read those late nights texts.


This cute little black and white bunny was made specifically for Kyle, with a black and white camo scarf.

This is Ford’s brown bunny with brown camo scarf.

Reid’s black puppy with orange scarf.

This cute black bunny is Ava’s. It has a cute colorful, scrappy scarf, embroidered flowers, eyes, and nose, ‘cuz she’s too tiny cute for buttons.

Avery’s black and bucktoothed bunny in pink and blue.

This is Charli’s pink pastel bunny.

Anna’s green pastel bunny.

And this is Jake’s blue bucktoothed puppy with maroon scarf.

All of these softies were made from gloves. Check out the book Sock and Glove for more ideas.

Happy Post Easter Everyone!


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