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DIY Needle Project

January 18, 2008

O.k. not exactly, totally DIY. More like a DIY modification. I bought an 11 pair set of straight bamboo needles on eBay, but I didn’t read the listing carefully, because they were 13 inchers. I would have bought the anyway because I got them for so cheap. I need more bamboos b/c I’m flying at the end of the month and I read that bamboo needles are more likely to go through security.


When I unwrapped them, I started to wonder if I could shorten them. So I pulled at the caps of one pair, and with a little bit of work, they came right off.

So I gathered my tools: a tape measure, a pair of PVC pipe cutters, pencil, wood glue, and paper plate.


I measured and marked the needles. Snapped of the excess with the cutters.


Dipped the ends in wood glue and stuck them back on.


Viola! It took all of about 8 minutes, including gathering the supplies and camera. I’m not going to cut them all yet, but wait and see what I need and cut them if needed, as needed.


Thanks to my husband for having all his tools in the dining room, where I could easily find the cutters and wood glue. ; { It made the project go so much faster.


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