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The Wind Beneath My Wings

December 18, 2007

First off, I really hate that song. Really. On the list of songs I hate, it’s number two. Number one being of course, Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. That one’s even worse. EXCEPT when Joe sings it at graduation in Say Anything. Then, it’s pretty cool, but we all know, and Corey reminds us, that “Joe lies.” So, what does it all mean anyway? I’ll get to that in a minute.
DSCF1093.JPGHCW Storefront on S. Congress

Way back when, before Christmas, but just barely before, Hill Country Weavers held their second annual Fiber Friends Fest, in which they invited several artist/knitter/designers to showcase and sell their work at the prime HCW location on South Congress, in South Austin. I was honored to participate and had been spinning and knitting up a storm in preparation.
Handknit sweater and scarf by Mei Creative

We had booked a spot at Pecan Grove RV park, so we could stay in style, and also go “out” at night and not worry about driving home. It seems that any weekend we stay at Pecan Grove, the weather dieties try their best to spoil our stay. We have camped through freezing rain, torrential rain, foggy rain, and just about any other kind of rain. As the HCW-FFF weekend approached, it looked like it this weekend would be no different.

We have a general no TV rule in the camper. We can use the computer to watch DVDs if we want, but no regular TV. When we arrived at camp, it was drizzling rain and the whole campground was spongy and muddy. We could not, however, watch our favorite old-people-channel to find out what the weather had in store for the weekend. I asked Robert, the park manager, who disappeared behind a room divider, whereupon I heard lots of whizzes and whirrs, gears turning, etc. He reappeared a few minutes later with something he had printed off the internet that amounted to this: windy. Hhhmmm. “Any chance of rain?” I asked. “Didn’t say anything about rain,” he replied. “Is that all?” I asked. “About it,” was the response. Robert is a man of few words.
DSCF1104.JPGSome of my knits and a knitting project bag by Stacey Smith of Silver Moon Studios in Fredericksburg

I spent the night embroidering some finishing touches on a few hats and went to bed early. We awoke the next morning to the brightest, sunniest day we’d seen in a long time. It was a beautiful, bright December day in Texas. I couldn’t have asked for any better sidewalk shopping weather, until I stepped outside, and apparently into some NASA-orchestrated wind testing event. The wind was gusting. It had, however, blown the rain out to the east, providing a cloudless day, perfect for shopping, so it was, thus, the wind beneath our wings.
My Muppet Scarf, blown into the fallen leaves among the lilies. Very French cinematique, no?

Arriving at HCW, I set about to help set everything up, thinking, naively, that the wind would die off as the day progressed. Boy was I wrong. We staked tents, hung Christmas lights, trailed extension cords. Scarves were flying. Hats were unceremoniously tossed off of tables. Sweaters were thrown on the ground faster than a freshman dorm after the first football game. As soon as we picked things up, they were tossed about once again. I was supposed to do a spinning demonstration, but that was postponed, because it was just too windy. I was scheduled to work until 12 that afternoon. I stayed a bit later, but only to supervise the cash register while the others moved most of the displays to the leeward side of the building. Not the best for visibility and business, but definitely better than dealing with the wind.
Mary MacCauley makes nature inspired felted goodies like hats, flowers, and vases to put them in.

By the time I left, we had already seen a lot of business, so my spirits were up. Eric picked me up with his friend Kurt and we had lunch at Polvos. Went back to the park, met up with friend and fellow Airstreamer, JB, who was driving out into the bright midday in his 1958 Pontiac. We talked about trailer polishing and vintage vehicles for a bit. He left. Kurt left. We took a nap. Called Dan and Dawn, who met us later with another friend, and we walked over to Baby Acapulcos for snacks and margaritas. Any day that ends with a margarita is a good one, I say.
Kourtney Moon is the artist behind these adorable and sometimes twisted hats. Not only does she come up with the designs, she writes the most endearing vignettes about each ‘character’ she makes. Seen here is Chocolate Mousse, Stomp the Rhino, and Lazy Swimmers. See more of her work at

Sunday was uneventful. We woke up late, ate some breakfast. Drove home with the trailer, then I drove back into Austin later that evening to pick up any unsold merchandise.

It turned out to be a pretty great weekend after all. I got to meet a lot of talented local artists at the show. Did a little networking. Spent some time on South Congress. Soaked up a little South Austin nuttiness. Spent time with several good friends. Reconnected. Spent some good camping time with my cool husband and loyal dog (or vice versa). Made a wee bit o’cash. What more could you want in a weekend?

More photos of the weekend:


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  1. i am so jealous that you guys are travelling around like that. it sounds like so much fun. did you guys like the airstream across the street in the parking lot? the cup cake one? i want it!

    your blog is hilarious. you crack me up, woman!


  2. Hi Jill –
    thanks for mentioning me in your blog! Wow, Friends of Fiber was a LOT of fun. So many crerative & inspiring people! Amazing! I’m alrerady planning for next year!

    Sorry you couldn’t get through my e-mail – with all of this extra e-mail during the holidays, my account was FULL! (I had no idea that could happen) I have a hard enough time keeping up with my real life – much less my cyber-life!

    I don’t have a store front in Fredericksburg – there is a great yarn store called Stonehill that carries some of my bags. Rght now I’m trying to recover from holiday knitting, but plan to revamp my Etsy store and develope s few new styles. Suzanne at HCW decided to buy quite a few of my bags to sell at the store – and I think she will buy more, as soon as I get myself in gear and crank some more out. I am really wanting to focus on knitting/crochet/stitchy geared bags. If you have any ideas or wished that a bag had “x” let me know! (“x” being some really exciting, revolutionary idea/option that would help me sell a million bags)

    You have a great blog – love the bunnies, and of course the yarn.

    Happy New Year, to you! Hope 2008 is full of blessings and joy!

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