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How did you get here?

December 8, 2007

Many of you are here by way of the Fiber Festival at Hill Country Weavers. If so, you may be wondering “why Winston and Chloe”? Winston (rest in peace) and Chloe are my two Angora rabbits that I purchased back in November ’06 as I started spinning.

Winston and ChloeHere they are as youngsters shortly after I bought them.

WinstonWinston was a pure English Angora and behaved like a perfect English gentleman. He was, obviously, my favorite.

Chloe, not so much. Read below. Although, in her defense, the biting, jumping, scratching, and general hostile behavior were necessary for evolution and continued existence of the rabbit. But still.

bored I love this picture. This is Wendell resting with Chloe shortly after we moved. Wendell may be spoiled; he may launch incessant coups on the ownership of the bed; he may poot loudly; and he may bum-rush you as you go in or out of the door. But have you ever known a dog to behave so beautifully next to a rabbit? THAT is a well-behaved dog. Note the look of total boredom. Also note the look of bitter malice in Chloe’s eye.

Wendell and Chloe


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