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Knitting Tip

November 6, 2007

for knitting 1×1 Rib and Seed Stitch


1×1 rib is knitting 1 knit stitch, then 1 purl stitch across the row, on the next row you purl the knits from previous row and you knit the purls from the previous row. This results in a very stretchy fabric with defined rows.

Seed Stitch is just like a 1×1 rib, except that you alternate from row to row. A stitch that you knit on one side, you knit again on the other, and one that you purled, you purl again on the reverse. This creates an interesting, textured fabric that is almost as stretchy as ribbing.

Technique so you don’t have to think about it:
In a 1×1 Rib, the total number of stitches, when divided by 2, should be an even number. If you do this, you can start every row with a knit stitch and don’t have to worry about where you are or reading the stitches.
80/2=40 GOOD
78/2=39 BAD

the reverse is true for Seed Stitch. The total stitches, when divided by 2, should be an odd number. Doing this will ensure that every row ends on a knit stitch, then when you turn for the new row, every row begins with a knit stitch, keeping the seeded texture.
90/2=45 GOOD
88/2=44 BAD

Do your thinking when you are planning, before you start, so you can free your mind while you knit and don’t have to count or ID stitches.

Lastly, if you can learn it, try doing 1×1 rib in Continental Knitting. One you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at how much faster it will go.


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